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Purim Brunch and Storytelling for all ages with Peninnah Schram

Hear Ye Hear Ye,
by proclamation of the King, 
all, from young to old, are invited
for a storytelling feast to choose the next Queen.
With mimosas, face painting, and foolishness,
all will be entertained, and one will be chosen.
A masquerade it is, so find a theme and maybe you will be the next queen.

Shacharit & Megillah Reading: 8:30am
Dairy Brunch: 10:00am
Upside Down Stories for all: 10:45
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Join Peninnah Schram, internationally known storyteller, as she takes us on a journey through the upside down world of Purim. Using audience participation Peninnah will engage the child in all of us creating worlds with her words. Trickster tales, upside down fools and a detour through the town of Chelm will bring the themes of Purim to life.

This is an event, not to be missed. 

Peninnah Schram, internationally known storyteller, teacher, author, and recording artist, is Professor Emerita at Yeshiva University’s Stern College. She travels across the US and other countries presenting storytelling programs/workshops for all ages.    

Peninnah is the author of thirteen books of Jewish folktales, including Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another and her most recent book, Jewish Stories of Love and Marriage: Folktales, Legends and Letters, co-authored with Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. Her illustrated book, The Apple Tree’s Discovery, is co-authored with Rachayl Eckstein Davis. She has also recorded a CD, The Minstrel and the Storyteller, with singer/guitarist Gerard Edery. 

Jane Yolen wrote about her: “When Peninnah Schram tells a story, even the leaves on the trees stop trembling to listen.” Speaking about the power and role of storytelling, Peninnah says: “Since storytelling is a dialogue, shared stories create more understanding; bring people closer together as a community; and serve as a string that binds one heart to another.”

            Peninnah is a recipient of the prestigious Covenant Award for Outstanding Jewish Educator (1995) awarded by The Covenant Foundation. Peninnah has also been awarded the National Storytelling Network 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award "For sustained and exemplary contributions to storytelling in America."


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