Davening on shabbat & yom tov

The Upper West Side is home to a tremendous diversity of tefillah (prayer). Shaare Zedek's niche in the neighborhood is to provide a prayer experience marked by:

  • Full Liturgy: We conduct our services with the full liturgy -- including the repetition of the Amidah -- in Hebrew and full k'riah (Torah reading). We currently use the Silverman Siddur but are transitioning to the Koren Sacks Siddur.
  • Gender Inclusion: All people, regardless of gender, are fully included in our minyanim and play active roles in services and teaching.
  • Lay Participation: Our rabbi presides over services, and congregants serve alongside him as shlichei tzibbur (prayer leaders) and leyners (readers) of Torah and Haftarah.

friday night services

On Friday nights, we meet monthly on shabbat mevarchim hachodesh (just prior to the new month) for davening and a catered dinner. We also periodically host kid-friendly services either through a Tot Shabbat program for ages 0-4, or through a more traditional family service followed by a dinner. Please check our homepage each week for specific details on which services are offered and the starting times.

shabbat morning services

Shabbat morning services begin at 9:30 AM year-round and are followed by kiddush lunch, sponsored by our community members. Interested in lending your talents to our davening? Contact Sara to lead services or read Torah, and Barbara to read Haftarah.

Children's Services

Our children's minyanim meet nearly every Shabbat morning at 11:00 AM, with groups for children ages 0-7 and 8-12. We also host Friday night services at kid-friendly times, followed by dinner, as well as children's holiday programming throughout the year.

shabbat mincha

We are proud to be the only egalitarian synagogue in the area to hold Shabbat afternoon mincha services every week. Mincha times vary throughout the year according to the time of sunset. Please join us for seudah shlishit (the third Shabbat meal) after mincha, which usually includes a short text study. At the end of Shabbat we have a communal ma'ariv and havdalah. These services are held in our downstairs Social Hall. Please enter through righthand bank of doors near the signboard.

yom tov traditions

Whether you're looking for a minyan to shake the lulav and etrog, say Yizkor, or study Torah on Shavuot, Shaare Zedek is here to mark the many festivals in our calendar year. Among other Yom Tov traditions at our shul, you will find our Kohanim duchaning (giving the priestly blessing).