high holiday activities for families with children

Shaare Zedek offers children's services, activities, and babysitting during the Yamim Nora'im. When you purchase holiday tickets, you will be prompted to share the names and ages of your children.

We will be providing holiday programming for children ages 4-10 at both Rosh Hashanah morning services, and at all Yom Kippur services, for the entirety of each service. For Kol Nidrei, children's programing will begin early to give you time to drop off before the sanctuary service starts.

For children ages 1-3, drop-off babysitting will be available during the sanctuary service's Amidah, and free play space will be available throughout all services.


Come sing, dance, and play with us as we go on a prayer journey and, like the Kohen Gadol (High Priest), reach the holy of holies. Using a multi-sensory, child-centered approach to Jewish prayer and Torah learning will allow each child to engage with all five senses to create a joyful prayer experience throughout the day. From shofar blowing to watching our self judgment fly with the wind, our children will experience what it means to heal through the rabbis' eyes. Forgiveness is our Jewish birthright, said to be created before the earth brings your children to explore its gifts.

Rosh Hashanah morning, September 21: 10:30 am
         As we celebrate the birthday of the world we will travel through the first days of creation, separating light from dark, creating the sun, moon and planets, and exploring the world of plants. Activities will be geared towards all ages and will include cooking, theater and play.

Family Tashlich Service, September 21: leave shul by 5:45 to walk together to Hudson River
Rosh Hashanah morning, September 22: 10:30 am
        Continuing on our creation journey we will be visited by one of the first animals described in the Torah- Can you guess which one? Focusing on the last 2 days of creation and welcoming Shabbat we too will experience the first Shabbat of creation. God created the earth in 7 days and we live in cycles of 7 all of the time, especially on Rosh Hashanah the 7th month of the year. What do the days of creation teach us about Rosh Hashana? Come and learn with us...

Kol Nidrei evening, September 29: 6:25 pm -- drop-off is available at 6:15 pm
Yom Kippur morning, September 30:  10:30 am
        This is the moment- on this day we stand before the holy of holies and cry out for justice- Our children will have an opportunity to explore God's justice through the story of Yonah. Using theater, life size board games and other fun activities we will explore God's ability to forgive even when we cannot.

the fun doesn't end here!

  • Shabbat Services: Join us nearly every Saturday morning at 11:00 am, where prayer and Torah come to life, engaging each child where they are.
  • Simchat Torah Children's Hakafot: Thursday evening, October 12 -- Join us as we dance and spin the Torah back to the beginning of creation.

Please contact Esther Azar, Director of Family Engagement, with any questions about High Holiday activities for children.

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