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Hasidic Texts of Passionate Pluralism, featuring Roots-Judur-Shorashim

  • Franciscan Community Center 214 West 97th Street New York, NY, 10025 United States (map)

Sponsored by the David, Ursula, & Adina Michaeli Memorial Education Fund at Shaare Zedek

Extending our weekend with visitors from Roots-Judur-Shorashim, we will close Shabbat with mincha, seudah shlishit, and ma'ariv. Over the meal, Rav Hanan Schlesinger will offer a text study that further addresses Roots' cross-cultural work in Gush Etzion-Hebron.

Rav Hanan will explore Hasidic texts about humility and pluralism that give us a theoretical framework for how to "hold the stick from both ends at the same time" -- to be passionately dedicated to what you believe in and at the same time to listen to, respect, learn from, and accept opposing truths. These are the texts that provide some of the Jewish theological foundations for the work of Roots that try to find room in our hearts for both Jewish and Palestinian narratives.

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